Lora's Wild Pony Pecans...
Purchasing Information...
Starting in October 2022 this delicious GOURMET TREAT will be available in limited quantities at a local location later to be announced.

Lora's Wild Pony Pecans      
Orders may be requested by calling for local pick or may be ordered and delivered by mail adding shipping costs.  U.S delivery ONLY !

At this time, packages may be purchased in the following sizes... 
1/8  lb. Pkgs. @  $   7.00 ea.   a snack size
1/4  lb. Pkgs. @  $ 13.00 ea.   a gift size
1/2  lb. Pkgs. @  $ 25.00 ea.   (Special Order Only)
       Please call or e-mail for information regarding... 
              "Special Orders"  or  "To Be Shipped"

 A few facts about Lora's Wild Pony Pecans...
1.  Packages have a shelf life of up to 3 months
     if kept in a refridgerator.
2.  Packages may be frozen in storage freezer bags for
     up to 6 months.
3.  To retain crisp and fresh keep closed in a cool place.

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